Save money on airtime rates with Tracfone Promo Codes 2013

Tracfone is America’s premier pre-paid card. Imagine just buying the credits you need and budget it accordingly.The best thing about Tracfone is that it is readily available to anyone – no contracts, no credit check and no bills arriving on the mail! Tracfone is very much affordable as it is, but with the introduction of its promo codes, everyone gets more than their money’s worth of calls.

Tracfone Promo Codes 2013 let you budget your calls and texts

The best thing about Tracfone Promo Codes is that there is almost a corresponding promo code available for every type of minute or card purchased. Users can get anywhere between 20 bonus minutes to 250 bonus minutes – over 4 hours of free calls. No wonder everyone loves Tracfone Wireless!

tracfone promo codesWho needs expensive monthly cellphone bills when you have Tracfone Promo Codes 2013?

Tracfone promo codes are available at this website by checking on coupons segment (there you will be able to get huge saving with the different promo codes available).

Another way is by checking their website and on their Facebook page. However, as with all rewards, you need to work hard for it – the promo codes are not readily available and you may have to spend quite some time scouring the pages for those telltale coupon codes. The best way to go about this is to “Like” their Facebook page to instantly get updates on your newsfeed.

Tracfone Promo Codes 2013 says bye bye to phone bills

Enter promo codes upon check out to avail of generous discounts from Tracfone. When planning to buy 120 or 200 minute cards, get free 60 minute bonus upon activating. Another promo code provides free 30 bonus minutes for the lucky subscriber, while another promo code gets a lucky Tracfone customer 40 bonus minutes.

Many Tracfone users realize the convenience of using a One Year card. With promo codes, lucky users get to have 250 bonus minutes for free.

A special promo code has an even extra-special surprise when a 200-minutecard is purchased – the user ends up with 640 minutes for only $39.99! If a 60 Minute card (or greater) is bought, another promo code gets the lucky user20 bonus minutes – that is approximately one- third of his total airtime minutes!

Count how much you have saved with Tracfone Promo Codes 2013

Imagine calling friends and family – for free! This is what Tracfone has to offer – extensive bonus meetings for every purchase. This is Tracfone’s way of thanking customers for their patronage.

A one year card is worth $199.99 with a total of 1500 minutes. This means that each minute is worth $0.13. When using promo codes, the user gets 250 minutes free. This meant savings of up to $33.33 in a year.

When buying 200 minutes of airtime ($39.99), the user gets 60 minutes (1 hour) free. This is approximately equal to $12 in saving for 90 days (3 months). Purchasing 200 minutes of airtime means savings of $48 in a year. That is enough to buy 200 minutes worth of airtime – with a few bucks left over!