You can’t have too many razors with Gillette Coupons 2013

Gillette is the brand of razors most men trust. But do you know that they do not just carry disposable razors? Gillette has also produced an eclectic line of body wash and shaving gel, as well as a battalion of facial wash, lotion and moisturizer. Surely, everything a man needs, Gillette has it. And now with coupons, a guy can never have enough pampering.

A short introduction of Gillette Coupons 2013

Gillette has a lot of fixed discount coupons for you to save a few bucks off your purchase. For example, you can save $1 for a purchase of a deodorant.

They also have some Buy One Get One (BOGO) free coupons so these are the best coupons to take advantage while supplies (or coupons) last.

gillette coupons

A person cannot use coupons on trial or travel size items.

Keeping your eyes peeled for Gillette Coupons 2013

Gillette coupons are found in our website weekly coupon special list and also by visiting their website. All you need to do is select the coupon you want to use and choose the retailer where you want to buy it from. Another useful tip is to “Like” their Facebook Page to instantly get notifications from Gillette.

Be on the lookout for supermarket coupons featuring Gillette, too. Sometimes it is featured as Product of the Month. Also, check out drugstores for catalogues to get discount coupons. They often have coupons for its many products, so don’t hesitate to ask the lady behind the counter for coupons before paying for your purchase. Most of the time, they do have them just beneath the counter.

Time to use your Gillette Coupons 2013

Smell great in the shower with a coupon for $1 off Gillette Body Wash or Gillette Anti-Perspirant and deodorant. After showering, clean facial stubbles with coupons for $2 off Mach3 Sensitive Razor. If you prefer a different brand, why don’t you try either Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor (get $3 off) or Gillette Fusion ProGlideStyler ($3 off) for maximum savings.

Meanwhile, men on the go can avail of coupons toBuy 1 Gillette Male Disposable and Get 1 free Gillette Male Disposable free. If you are the kind of guy who constantly runs out of razors, a best coupon to use is “Buy 1 Gillette Cartridge and Get $10 off one Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor”. Top avail of this promo, cartridge count should be 4 pieces or more.

Saving with Gillette Coupons 2013? You may be surprised.

Did you know that the more a guy looks forward to some sexy time tonight, the faster his facial hair grows? If you have are going out with the woman you have been dating for quite a while, start the day by having a fresh shower. With $1 off body washes, a guy can save up to $12 a year, depending on how often (!) he showers. If your face is prone to shaving nicks, save $48 a year with the Mach3 Sensitive Razor. Need a quick shave? Buy 1 and Get 1 disposable razor and save $12 (or $144 a year)!