Pump up your savings with Gas Coupons 2013

We all know that gasoline prices have been soaring than ever. People have been taking extreme measures to save on gas – carpool, take the train, or walk. Others even resort to selling their SUV’s with smaller (yet more expensive) hybrids. But some people are smart enough to save on gas while still enjoying the comfort of driving their own cars to work – by using gas coupons.

Fuel your knowledge on Gas Coupons 2013

Gas coupons can range anywhere from $0.22 cents to a whopping $20 discount. These are usually tied with purchases from partner stores such as supermarkets or pharmacies. For example, you can get $1 off a gallon of fuel when shopping at Kroger’s.

gas couponsMeanwhile, other popular gas stations have discount cards. For instance, Shell has a discount card available for one time use. Use it to fill up at any Shell gas station.

Drilling for Gas Coupons 2013

First of all you can get gas coupons from our coupons list or also from just about any gas station. When purchasing other car care accessories such as oil or lubricant, or if your gasoline station also offers services such as wheel alignment and wheel balancing, watch out for free coupons handed out or printed on the receipt.

Next, you can scout for coupons while leafing through automobile or men’s magazines. The Sunday paper may have a gas coupon or two.Walmart, meanwhile, provides gift cards for gasoline.

Other pharmacies and department stores offer fuel coupons to loyal patrons. Giant Eagle and Meijer are just some of the drugstores offering discounts on gasoline.

Gain more gallons with Gas Coupons 2013

Get $1 off a gallon of fuel (up to 35 gallons for 4 fill ups) at any Kroger fuel station. To maximize savings, redeem all 35 gallons in a single fill up!

If you are a Winn Dixie fan, you can use their Fuel Perks coupon to gas up and get $0.25 off a gallon with a $25 purchase.

If you often get your prescription from Giant Eagle Pharmacy, you can get a $1 off per gallon of fuel at GetGo(with a purchase of a Transferred prescription).

On the other hand, if you fill up your prescription from Meijer pharmacy, you can enjoy $10 off on your next shopping trip or fuel purchase. There are also coupons for $20 discounts.

Meanwhile, if you have a Shell discount card you can get $0.22 off per gallon of gas

Mile for mile savings with Gas coupons 2013

How much gasoline does your vehicle consume in a day? Your fuel savings will depend on how much gasoline your car uses. Shell discount card allows you to fill up to 20 gallons of gas and save up to $4.40 worth of gas (when filling up 20 gallons). This means that you can have over $200 savings in gasoline annually.

You may thank your prescription drugs for your free gasoline. With $20 fuel savings from Meijer, you can enjoy around $1000 in fuel savings a year – your trip to the pharmacy can actually be free!