Have full nutrition in a bottle with Ensure Coupons 2013

Whether you are recuperating from an illness, need to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, or just want to make sure that you have the enough energy and stamina to last the day, Ensure has the right bottle of shake for you. With over 6 bottles to choose from, you are sure to find the one that is perfect for you. By using coupons, you can even stock up on all flavors for the whole family.

Know more about Ensure Coupons 2013

Enjoy a fixed discount or a free product when you have coupons. For instance, with a fixed discount coupon, enjoy $1 to $3 savings when purchasing shakes. On the other hand, when buying one pack of shakes,get another pack for free (with a Buy One Get One free coupon).

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Looking for Ensure Coupons 2013?

Check out the recent coupon list on this website or also another way to find them is on Ensure website contains a page dedicated to latest deals. Just click on “Coupons and Promotions” and it will take you to the main coupon page where coupons can be downloaded.

While at the website, sign up for newslettersto get updates on Ensure promos on your inbox. Instantly get 15% off your Ensure purchases just by signing up.

When shopping for Ensure, ask for coupons. Most coupons are inserted in boxes of shakes (when they are bought in bulk).

Take a swig of health with Ensure Coupons 2013

Using your Ensure coupons is the best part! You can get $1 off when purchasing one set of multipacks (Ensure clear multipacks or Glucerna multipack bars).

Meanwhile, you can enjoy bigger savings when you have $3 coupons for one multipack of Glucerna products or when buying two multipacks of Ensure products (any flavor).

For better deals when you are planning to buy in bulk: get a pack of Ensure free when buying 2 multipacks. Some are lucky to have a Buy One Get One (BOGO) coupon – buy only one pack of Ensure and get another pack for free (up to $10.99 value).

Be healthy, wealthy and wise with Ensure Coupons 2013

The best way to purchase Ensure is by the bulk – you can get them for much cheaper when bought in boxes and at the same time, using the coupons will drive the price point down even further.

How often do you drink Ensure? Also, how many members of your household are you sharing the drinks with? The answers to these questions may very well determine how much your savings will be.

For example, when you get $1 off of multipacks, it can roughly translate to over $120 in savings a year, assuming you were the only one drinking them at least once a day.

Buy One Get One promos have a ceiling of $10.99 for free Ensure products but it still helps in savings in the long run. Having a $10.99 worth of freebie easily means a whopping $600 in savings! This means that half of the Ensure products bought in a year are free. Think of it this way – it is like buying Ensure from January to June, then get free shakes from July until December!